WP_20151107_08_30_43_Pro Step one going off without a hitch!



Check out the “About Me” section to find out more… um… about me.  Where I am now… I am working a job that I hate… detest… LOATHE. I won’t say where just in case someone happens upon this site who may know someone who knows someone’s friend who knows me. It’s a large company. Anyway, I hate my job. I make pretty darn good money and am definitely the breadwinner of the family. However, I am set to get married in 8 months (wow, that’s soon…) and we, as a family, are planning big… no… MAJOR changes. The main goal is to get me out of the job I hate! I’m not a big proponent of “happy wife, happy life” but if anyone in the family is miserable, everyone feels it. Believe me when I say miserable is the understatement of the year.

The 8 month goals are to:

  1. Have (another) yard sale to continue to get rid of stuff
  2. Finish our projects at our current house
  3. Put our current house on the market
  4. Begin and finish our build on our little-bit-bigger-than-tiny house on my dad’s beautiful land (thanks, Dad!) This will include many, many more steps but that hasn’t even begun. Amazingly grateful that my future husband works in construction!
  5. Get everything set up for our vegan homestead
  6. Find a closer and better paying job for my fiancé
  7. QUIT MY JOB just before the wedding
  8. Have a fabulous honeymoon
  9. Move into our little house
  10. Get knocked up again (come on…. girl!)
  11. Start homeschooling my little dude who will just be starting Kindergarten if we time it juuuuust right 😉

Phew!! That was already exhausting just to type out. Join me on the journey and also catch tidbits about gardening, food, fitness and fun in between! I’m no chef or personal trainer but I love cooking and eating and I’m irritable when I miss a workout, especially leg day.

I hope someone out there enjoys what I type. Feel free to comment anytime!